Blog Tour: Happily Ever After in Christmas by Debbie Mason (Excerpt, Review & Giveaway)

~~~~~ ~~~ Deputy Jill Flaherty sat at her desk wrapping her brother’s birthday present for his surprise party tonight. The yellow helium balloons she’d ordered were currently bouncing in front of her face. She lifted her hand to bat them way, ripping the paper off the present in the process. A present that she’d been […]

ARC Review: Stormswept by Sabrina Jeffries writing as Deborah Martin

~~~~~ ~~Reviewed by AnnMarie~~ Stormswept is the first book in the ‘Wales’ series by New York Times bestseller Sabrina Jeffries. She originally wrote and released the book as Deborah Martin, this version is slightly longer than that and newly revised for today’s audience. This is the story of Lady Julia St. Albans. When she was […]

Blog Tour: Surrender of Trust by Mariel Grey (Review & Giveaway)

~~~~~ ~~~ a Rafflecopter giveaway ~~~ ~~Reviewed by AnnMarie~~ AnnMarie’s review will be posting later today. Stay tuned. You can follow the Surrender series on Goodreads.  AnnMarie Rating: About Mariel Grey From the moment she could put pen to paper, Mariel Grey knew she wanted to be a writer. Like all good adventures however, it […]

ARC Review: Sweet Little Lies by Jill Shalvis

~~~~~ ~~Reviewed by Monique~~ It was a cold and rainy evening, and nothing was going right for Pru Harris. Her fridge was empty, so she went to O’Riley’s Pub for some comfort food, or more like, to gawk at Finn O’Riley. For three weeks, Pru has been ogling the sexy, unattainable barkeep, and although they […]

Spotlight: Stranded with the Scottish Earl by Anna Campbell (Guest Post, Excerpt & Giveaway)

~~~~~ ~~~ The Charm of a Cabin Romance – Even When It’s Set in a Mansion! Are you a fan of cabin romances? You know, those stories where the hero and heroine are stuck under one roof (often unwillingly!) because of natural disaster or some other outside circumstance. I’ve got to say this has always […]

Blog Visit: Lord of Deceit by Sara Ramsey (Excerpt, Review & Giveaway)

~~~~~ I’m so happy to share LORD OF DECEIT with all of you! It’s a historical romance featuring a secret spy and a ruined courtesan, both of whom are seeking revenge — but love gets in the way of their schemes. The book is out on all retailers today, June 29. You can find more […]

Blog Tour: Miss Darcy’s New Companion by Cheryl Bolen (Review & Giveaway)

~~~~~ ~~~  Miss Darcy’s New Companion is the first book in the Jane Austen Sequel books, a Pride and Prejudice Variation by the incomparable Cheryl Bolen. The story begins when the newly wed couple Mr Darcy and Lizzy Bennet are preparing to go on their wedding journey. They have hired a companion for Darcy’s young […]

Blog Tour: Once a Soldier by Mary Jo Putney (Excerpt & Giveaway)

~~~~~ ~~~ In a burst of fury at the brutality of war, he hurled the empty bottle across the cellar. He meant to strike a section of plain stone wall, but instead the heavy bottle crunched into a rickety upright supporting one of the wall racks. The rack collapsed with a dusty crash as shelves […]

Blog Tour: The Image of Her by Lorna Peel (Excerpt, Review & Giveaway)

~~~~~ ~~~ “This is the room,” she said, opening the door. “Delightful décor. Circa 1940, I’d say.” She fought to control a smile when she saw his lips part in horror as his eyes travelled across the faded floral wallpaper. “Delightful is one word for it,” he said in an attempt to be diplomatic. “I’ll […]

Blog Tour: Beauty and the Highland Beast by Lecia Cornwell (Excerpt & Review)

~~~~~ ~~~ How had the Sinclairs heard of Moire? She was a humble soul. She kept to herself, tended the ancient spring of the goddess, and helped only those who came to her. Fear numbed the icy blast of the wind as she stared up at Carraig Brigh’s bony tower, a crooked black finger rising […]